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VietHome Project was established since October 2010 by a group of Vietnamese studying, living and working in the UK.

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What we do

Our main audiences are Vietnamese in the UK and EU. We are not only creating websites to provide FREE information, but also organising events for our community.


VietHome News (

Free information about UK life, immigration laws, How-To guide .. Starting a life in the UK is very challenging. This site will provide all information that a Vietnamese will need to start a life here easier. We have many contributors around the world that work very hard to update the articles every hours.

VietHome Classified (

Are you looking for Vietnamese Nail Technicians? Waiter, Waitress? Selling/Buying Stuffs? You come to the right place. We have over 1300 visitors daily to this site.

Community Answer (

A FREE forum for Vietnamese helping each other. Starting a life in the UK is very challenging, whether it's for studying, working or migrating. If you need help from Vietnamese community, check out the site. You will get response instantly from our active community.

Vietnamese event

Event for Vietnamese Community

We organise events every year for our community. Each event will target a group of people, from babies to adult and elderly people.

VietHome Cup 09/2013

12 Vietnamese Teams competed to win the championship and enormous prize.

Photo Competition - VietBaby 2012

An online photo competition for Vietnamese Baby. We have attracted over 110 children to join this competition and over 10,000 votes from the audiences.

Visiting Bath & Stonehenge 05/2013

We organised a one-day trip for Vietnamese community to visit and explore Bath & Stonehenge as well as understanding more about British culture.

VietHome's Next Projects

We are always looking for new projects and ideas for Vietnamese community in EU & UK. We can't tell you what we are making at the moment, but we can give you an overview of our current project's timeline.

  1. Project Started - 2011
  2. 1st phase - 2013
  3. 2nd phase - Summer 2014
  4. Public Announcement - Autumn 2014
  5. Project Completion - 2014/2015

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Our Partners & Sponsors

We have received enormous support from individual and organisations. It has enabled us to grow and developed over the years.

Thank you very much for supporting VietHome and our community.

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